Our Menu

We offer a variety of bread, pan dulce, pastry and cookie options every Wednesday through Sunday. Some baked goods are a little more popular than others and might sell out before we close.

On weekends, you’ll also find some specials (some regular, others more seasonal or holiday-based) that you don’t want to miss! Always come early for best selection!

Our hot drinks + aguas frescas are all made in house from scratch with whole ingredients and are all naturally vegan unless otherwise noted. Drink specials pop up from time to time also, but are less common than our baked goods specials.

We also carry a selection of canned drinks for other artisanal makers (Yesfolk Kombucha, Lovely Bunch apple juice, Halmi, etc)

Our shelves are stocked with specialty foods we love (chocolate, beans, seafood, spices, etc) and handmade home goods (clay mugs, incense, cards, etc).

While you’re at the bakery, don’t forget to check out the fridge. In it you’ll find many other favorites: house-made cake, butter, jam, salsa, cheese plates, and more refreshments.

Below you'll find a list and descriptions of our regular items.

As a rule of thumb, the later you arrive the less selection there will be!! Our baked goods are made FRESH which means they are meant to be sold, so if you arrive close to our closing hour, chances are there will be much fewer things remaining.
We recommend planning ahead (come early!) or be ready to enjoy whatever the display case has to offer you!


Our most popular loaf!
It has a thick crust and soft open crumb, with a balanced flavor that pairs with a wide variety of foods. 

Made with stone-milled single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).

Thick seeded crust with a soft open crumb that has organic sunflower, poppy and pumpkin seeds throughout giving it a crunchy texture and nutty flavor.   

Made with stone-milled single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).


Featuring a blend of rye, spelt and wheat flours, this loaf has a dense and hearty dark crumb, and a complex earthy flavor. It is the most sour-forward tasting option on our menu. 

Made with stone-milled flours single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).


This is a special loaf with a pillowy crumb with golden flax seeds throughout. It’s made with whole grain durum flour (a grain commonly used for pasta aka semolina) that gives the bread a  toothsome chew and golden color, with a rich and nutty flavor.

Made with stone-milled flours single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).


A playful bread with a thin crust and a chewy crumb, topped with sesame seeds and brushed with olive oil. 
Just pull it apart and eat it with dips, spreads or savory fillings of your choice.
Great for sharing at parties and picnics.

**PAIRS excellently with salsa negra**

allergen: sesame

A crusty and chewy long bread made with sourdough, similar to a baguette. Perfect for sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and general snacking! So easy to eat (as is, with a little butter and salt, or alongside your lunch or dinner).

Quebrados are easy to pull-apart into little crusty buns for on-the-go snacking or sharing with others. (Kids love them too!)

If trying to decide between the standard hueso and the quebrado: note that quebrados have a higher  crust-to-crumb ratio (for crust-enthusiasts!)


Savory Pastries

Chewy sourdough roll with cheddar cheese and jalapeños folded in the dough, topped with sesame seeds.
It’s nice and tangy (only slightly spicy) with a toasted cheese crust.

allergen: milk, egg, sesame

Semi-sweet bun with CHORI-MAN (locally made) maple habanero chorizo and cheddar cheese, topped with seeds.
It’s a little spicy and has a sweet and savory balance, perfect for breakfast. 

allergen: milk, egg, sesame – NOT VEGETARIAN

Flaky pastry turnover with oyster mushrooms and mole negro.  Deep toasted flavors with hearty mushroom filling, all enclosed in our house-made puff pastry. 

*NOTE: nut allergy

Oyster mushrooms from Long Beach Mushrooms and Mole Negro from Guelaguetza.

allergens: NUTS (all kinds), milk, sesame

Pan Dulce + Sweet Pastries

One of our signature items! A sweet, sticky, chewy pastry with layers of our sourdough and house made corn masa.  Tastes like a sweet tamal or vanilla custard with earthy undertones and rich caramelization.

Made with stone-milled flours single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).

allergens: milk

Lightly sweet and soft bun with a crunchy chocolate top. Delicate flavors that are true to the whole ingredients we use to make it!

A classic Mexican pan dulce. A signature Gusto item, our conchas are uniquely made with sourdough. 

Made with stone-milled flours single-origin flour from Cairnspring mills, and 100% wild-fermented with masa madre (sourdough).

allergens: milk, egg, chocolate

Twice baked concha layered with our seasonal fruit jam, house made almond cream and sliced almonds. Rich, nutty and bright flavors with crunchy edges and cake-like center. 

Fruit jam changes according to the seasonal varieties we find at the local farmers market.

allergens: almonds, milk, eggs

Fluffy and crumbly cornbread loaf, lightly sweetened with honey. 

Earthy and floral flavors that pairs well with sweet or savory foods (jam and butter, or alongside soup, chili, etc).
Made with freshly house-milled heirloom corn!

allergen: milk, egg, honey

Crispy and airy caramelized cookie. Made with our flaky puff pastry and rolled in toasted corn husk sugar.

allergens: milk

Flaky turnover filled with guava marmalade and cream cheese. A classic combo of flavors (tropical fruit, cream cheese) wrapped in our house made puff pastry dough.

allergens: milk, egg

Cookies + Cakes

Flaky, layered quickbread, with crispy edges and soft crumb. Toasted, buttery flavors – Can be paired with sweet or savory foods or enjoyed on its own!

allergens: milk, egg

Golden crispy and chewy cookie with Ecuadorian dark chocolate wafers and sprinkled with flake salt.

allergens: milk, chocolate, eggs

Walnut shortbread cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche (rich caramel cream from Argentina). 

Small but mighty! Big flavors and textures

allergen: walnuts, eggs

Crumbly and rich walnut shortbread cookies, dusted in powdered sugar.

Packaged as a half dozen and perfect for gifting and sharing!
(also known as Wedding cookies – Mexican/Italian/Etc…)

allergen: walnuts, egg

A light cake, soaked in sweet cream and sitting in a pool of atole (sweetened corn masa) cream, this cake is super refreshing, rich and complex.  

Topped with a roasted corn-infused white chocolate whipped cream!

allergens: milk, eggs

A very special Sunday treat is available first come first served.

One of our favorite ways at Gusto to enjoy our spelt flour biscuits is to split it in half and layer on chantilly whipped cream and top with seasonal fruit. 

allergens: milk, eggs


Mexican coffee from Rose Park Roasters. Batch brewed with canela and lightly sweetened for the perfect balance of flavors.

Meant to be enjoyed as is (black) or can leave room for milk or oatxata.

Available both hot or iced.

Dark hot chocolate made with stone ground organic cacao and vanilla, brewed with water.  Rich yet light.

The unrefined and minimally processed chocolate allows the deep flavors of the cacao to come through in this comforting water based drink. 

Available hot.

South American “green tea” that’s earthy and smokey. Lightly sweetened.

Can be enjoyed as is or with a little milk or oatchata for extra comfort.

Available both hot or iced.

Our house-made horchata, made with organic oats and California-grown rice and canela. 

Creamy, slightly sweet and dairy-free.

Great with Cafe de olla!

Available iced.

A tangy, tart, sweet and super refreshing agua fresca made from scratch with whole tamarind pods.

Lightly sweetened with cane sugar and agave to achieve a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Available iced.

Refreshing, tart brew made from heirloom Hibiscus flowers.
Only slightly sweetened for balance, still a little sour/astringent.

Available iced.

Gusto Bread

* Items marked with an asterisk are wild fermented!

These items are made with masa madre AKA naturally leavened AKA fermented with sourdough!

Think of sourdough/masa madre as a method of cultivating wild yeasts for baking rather than just bread with a tangy/sour flavor. 

We strive to make balanced-tasting breads and pastries because we believe in the wisdom and ancient tradition of baking with natural leaven and it provides a chance to taste the nuances of the beautiful grains and ingredients we’ve selected. 

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