California Loaf    
Yecora Rojo Wheat – Our homage to the golden state – featuring California-grown heirloom wheat. Simple + balanced.     (vegan)

Seeded Loaf     
Sunflower, Pumpkin, Poppy – Our California loaf packed with seeds, on top and throughout. Nutty flavor and excellent texture.    (vegan)

Field Loaf   
Rye, Spelt, Wheat : 40% whole grain – A blend of grains creates something  between a white and whole wheat loaf. Irresistibly fragrant, chewy and complex. (vegan)

Sesame Flatbread      
Perfect for tearing and sharing with friends! Dip into your favorite sauces, spreads, or stuff the little sections with your best sandwich materials and enjoy mini bites.      (vegan)

Hueso (Baguette)    
New World Long Bread – A naturally leavened bread  with a thin crisp crust, and chewy inside. Select from traditional shape or wheat stalk shape (aka epi or ‘pull apart’)     (vegan)

Loaf slicing service
We can offer 3/4″ slices of our California, Seeded or Field loaves for a $0.50 charge


Pan de Maíz   
Long Beach Honey + Oaxacan Maize – A semi-sweet little loaf that tastes of summer with our house-milled heirloom yellow corn. Perfect for meals or snacking, sweet or savory. Featuring S&P honey foraged by hyper-local Long Beach hives!     (not vegan)

Nixtamal Queen
Heirloom Masa  Caramelized sweet bread. – Our one-of-a-kind creation marrying house-milled blue corn masa (aka nixtamal) and our naturally-leavened dough. A laminated bread  with caramelized, chewy and crisp layers. Buttery as all.     (not vegan

New World Magic – The timeless Mexican sweet bread with a thicc sugar cookie frosting. Using precious organic cacao and vanilla.        (not vegan)

Spelt Cookie
Whole Grain + chocolate + sea salt  – A cookie made entirely of Spelt (ancient wheat relative) featuring Guittard bittersweet 66% organic fair trade chocolate and finished with hand harvested sea salt from Netarts Bay, Oregon.        (not vegan)

Buckwheat Cookie  
Whole Grain + chocolate + sea salt  – A cookie made entirely of Buckwheat () featuring Guittard bittersweet 66% organic fair trade chocolate and finished with hand harvested sea salt from Netarts Bay, Oregon.        (not vegan)

Polvorón Cookie 
California-grown Organic Walnuts – Known by many names across many cultures (Mexican Wedding Cookies, and so on), these humble crumbly cookies always provide the perfect bite: nutty + buttery, with a soft dusting of sweetness.        (not vegan)

Flaky + Tender Layers – A large freshly baked biscuit is a thing of comfort and beauty. Eat it with jam or eggs or deli or on its own, but eat it fresh!     (not vegan)

~  W E E K E N D S    O N L Y   ~

Galette – Seasonal Fruit       
Organic fruit – A flakey handheld pie with farmers market fruit in season.    (not vegan)

Galette – Seasonal Veggies 
Weiser Farms heirloom veg – A flakey handheld pie with farmers market veggies in season.   (not vegan)



Café de Olla   (kah-FEH de OH-yia)         HOT OR COLD
Mexican coffee from Rose Park Roasters + cinnamon + a touch of cane

Mate Cocido  (MA-teh co-CEE-do)         HOT OR COLD
Warm brewed organic yerba mate de Misiones, Argentina + a touch of cane

Jamaica   (ha-MAI-kah)         COLD
Heirloom hibiscus from Oaxaca with a touch of cane

Oatxata  (oat-CHAH-tah)         COLD
Organic oats + rice + cinnamon + cane


Market Bag   
Gusto Al Gusto – Spacious bag made from organic cotton. Features two pockets (one inside, one outside) and a handy key hook! Sturdy, sustainable, spacious for all your breads and more. Locally printed.      Design by Ana Salatino

Enamel Mug   
Gusto Bread & Friends – Limited Edition! Custom made with our choice of colors and featuring art by local illustrator, Jonny Bummers. Quality enamel mugs, perfect for your daily use to enjoy hot or cold beverages.
Design by Jonny Bummers 

Lxs Panaderxs – Limited Edition! Celebrating our bakers and our  naturally leavened practices. Cotton bandanas made in the USA and printed by Mustard Beetle in Los Angeles.
Design by Ana Salatino

Panadería Orgánica– One Size Fits Most, Comfortable Everyday Fit. Convenient metal closure to custom fit to ensure maximum comfort. Locally embroidered.

T-Shirts (various designs/sizes) – Limited designs + sizes available

Kids T-Shirt – Gusto Bread & Friends – Limited sizes available

Specialty Foods

Za’atar / Spicy Za’atar 
By JOY OF SPICES (local LB biz)

Rancho Gordo Orégano Indio

Long Beach Honey 
By S&P HONEY (local LB biz)

Taza Stone Ground Organic Chocolate 

Conservas de Cambados (Galicia, Spain)

José Gourmet – Sardine Paté  

Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans 

Rancho Gordo Black Caviar Lentils 

Rancho Gordo Amaranth