CALIFORNIA LOAF   simple + balanced, soft + open crumb   $10
SEEDED LOAF    sunflower, pumpkin + poppy seeds, textured   $11
FIELD LOAF   rye, spelt + wheat mix, complex flavor   $10.50
DORADO LOAF   wholegrain durum + golden flaxseeds   $11
(Upon request, above loaves can be sliced (3/4 inch) for a $0.50 service charge )
SESAME FLATBREAD   thin crust, brushed with olive oil^   $6
HUESO / QUEBRADO   long bread with crispy crust and chewy inside   $4

Savory Pastry

BOLILLO   chewy bun with cheddar + jalapeños throughout^   $4
MOLE EMPANADA   Long Beach mushrooms, puff pastry, chocolate mole*   $5
CHORI-BUN   maple-habanero chorizo, hatch cheese, semi-sweet bun    $9
JAMON ROLL   (weekends) French ham, hatch cheese roll   $4.50
HUESO / QUEBRADO   long bread with crispy crust and chewy inside   $4

Pan Dulce + More

PAN DE MAIZ   small cornbread with heirloom maize + local honey   $7
NIXTAMAL QUEEN   heirloom corn masa caramelized sweet bread   $7.50
CONCHA   semi-sweet bun with cacao topping   $5
SPELT COOKIE   wholegrain cookie with chocolate + sea salt   $4
OREJA   puff pastry cookie w/ toasted corn husk sugar   $4
DOÑA twice baked concha, almond cream + seasonal jam*  $9.50
PASTELITO DE GUAYABA   puff pastry, guava, cream cheese   $5.50
POLVORONES   six nutty walnut shortbread cookies*   $13
ALFAJOR DE NUEZ   walnut shortbread sandwich, dulce de leche   $4
MEDIALUNA   (weekends) Argentine half-moon roll   $4.50
CHOCOPAN   (weekends) flaky layered pastry w/ dark chocolate   $4.50

Allergen Info

^ Sesame

*Tree Nuts

All of our baked goods are made with wheat (nothing is gluten free).

Pastries all contain milk (butter) and most contain eggs.

Please ask team for specific allergen information upon ordering.

Thank you!


XICANO   espresso, water, piloncillo syrup
HOT XOCOLATL   stone ground Mexican dark chocolate, cane sugar, water
ATOLE LATTE   espresso, heirloom maíz cream, milk
CHOCOLATE LATTE   espresso, stone ground Mexican dark chocolate, milk
DULCE DE LECHE LATTE   espresso, Argentine dulce, milk
HOJA SANTA MATCHA   Den’s Tea organic premium matcha, herbal syrup, milk
HORCHATA COLD BREW   organic oats, Koda farm rice, cold brew
HORCHATA MATCHA   organic oats, Koda farms rice, Den’s Tea organic premium matcha


CAFE DE OLLA   Mexican coffee, canela, cane sugar
BREWED COFFEE   Seasonal, rotating selection

Milk Info

Organic Whole Milk (regular)

Sub Oat Milk + $1.00

Add Splash Oat Milk +$0.25


Available By Request

Aguas Frescas, Etc


As a rule of thumb, the later you arrive the less selection there will be!!

Our baked goods are made FRESH which means they are meant to be enjoyed same-day.
If you arrive close to our closing hour, chances are there will be much fewer things remaining, so we recommend planning ahead (come early or order online for pick up!). Otherwise, be ready to enjoy whatever the display case has to offer you! 🙂

We offer a variety of bread, pan dulce, pastry and cookie options every Wednesday through Sunday. Some baked goods are a little more popular than others and might sell out before we close.

On weekends, you’ll also find some specials (some regular, others more seasonal or holiday-based) that you don’t want to miss! Always come early for best selection!

Our hot drinks + aguas frescas are all made in house from scratch with whole ingredients and are all naturally vegan unless otherwise noted. Drink specials pop up from time to time also, but are less common than our baked goods specials.

We also carry a selection of canned drinks for other artisanal makers (Yesfolk Kombucha, Lovely Bunch apple juice, Halmi, etc)

Our shelves are stocked with specialty foods we love (chocolate, beans, seafood, spices, etc) and handmade home goods (clay mugs, incense, cards, etc).

While you’re at the bakery, don’t forget to check out the fridge. In it you’ll find many other favorites: house-made cake, butter, jam, salsa, cheese plates, and more refreshments.

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