About Gusto Bread

Gusto Bread is a cottage bakery in downtown Long Beach CA.

We specialize in rustic loaves, flatbreads, baguettes and simple wholesome sweets freshly made with organic + heirloom ingredients.

Arturo Enciso is a baker from Lebec, CA that has called Long Beach his home for over 10 years. His early days in Long Beach were filled with music and community, being a part of grass roots organizations and events, and simply living the good life the city has to offer. As a self-taught baker for the last 7+ years, he’s grown his hobby into a career with his business Gusto Bread, a cottage bakery in the heart of downtown Long Beach with a focus on fresh wholegrain flours & artisanal naturally leavened breads. In his craft, he emphasizes traditional methods using local & organic ingredients. He believes that good food and bread provide a beautiful way for people to connect with one another and create community.

Working alongside Arturo is his partner of 9 years, Ana Belén Salatino, who you’ll see at farmers markets and the cottage. As a self-taught graphic and web designer, Ana was an entrepreneur herself and recently closed her business to join Arturo. She is in awe of the amount of support and encouragement Gusto Bread has seen from the Long Beach community (and beyond) and knows a good part of the business’ success comes from the heartfelt passion Arturo has for baking. Just like him, she treasures food traditions (and has been obsessed with carbs for as long as she could reach her hand to her mouth) and finds this enterprise to be the most fulfilling work out there.



english / enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest, style of artistic execution

spanish / taste, flavor, liking, pleasure, whim, relish, savor

It all started with a little wood fired oven called EmmyLou…

In Downtown Long Beach in 2013, I was inspired by an earth oven nestled in a corner of the garden at our new home.  It instantly drew me in. A friend lent me a copy of the book “From The Wood Fired Oven” and I spent my time happily thumbing through the recipes, chopping wood, firing the oven up, creating my wild yeast starter, milling organic whole grains, hand mixing the dough, and connecting with the old world pleasure of wood firing and baking food.

Illustration by Gabotron

After a couple years of practicing this art form, my curiosity led me to a village in Galicia, Spain called Cea where there’s a co-op of 16 bakers, each with their own wood-fired oven. In that same trip, and by chance, I met the passionate baking family behind Panaderia Artesana Manin in the gorgeous mountains of Asturias who welcomed me back anytime.

While traveling in early 2017, meeting bakers of New England, I met and studied with my greatest mentor (author of “From The Wood Fired Oven”) Richard Miscovich whose work had deeply influenced me.

In addition to all the great bakers I met, I must give also give tremendous credit to the hardworking farmers growing the precious wholegrain I get to work with: Bluebird Grain Farms, Farmer Mai, Tehachapi Grain Project, T&A Farms, among others.


Gusto Bread is the evolution of all of this.

I owe my success and continued growth in baking to the cob oven that peaked my curiosity, the generous bakers I met in my travels, the farmers, and all the local folks that have supported me as I explored and experimented my way of being in this world of baking.

With gusto and gratitude,