Our Menu

We offer many bread, pan dulce, cookie and other staples every day we’re open. We make as many of each item as we can manage so remember to come early for the best and most varied selection. Some baked goods are a little more popular than others and might sell out by midday or well before we close.

Our shelves are stocked with specialty foods we love (chocolate, beans, seafood, spices, etc) and handmade home goods (clay mugs, incense burners, cards, etc).

While you’re at the bakery, don’t forget to check out the fridge (near the archway with an arrow pointing at it). In it you’ll find many other favorites: house-made cake, butter, jam, salsa, cheese plates, and more refreshments.

On weekends, you’ll also find some specials (some regular, others more seasonal or holiday-based) that you don’t want to miss!

Our hot drinks and aguas frescas are all made in house from scratch with whole ingredients and are all naturally vegan unless otherwise noted. Drink specials pop up from time to time also, but are much less common than our baked goods specials.

As a rule of thumb, the later you arrive the less selection there will be. Our baked goods are made and offered on the same day which means they are meant to be sold! If you arrive close to our closing hour, chances are there will be fewer things remaining so plan ahead or be ready to enjoy whatever the display case has to offer you! 🙂

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