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We’re located at 2710 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA. Nearest cross-street is Temple Ave and we’re on the east end of “Retro Row” on 4th Street.

Open 5 days a week!

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Bread Info

Yep, our breads are wild fermented (aka naturally leavened, sourdough, masa madre) which involves a long fermentation process. 

When we say ‘sourdough’ we are referring to the fermentation process rather than the flavor of the bread.

All good breads must stale. Our breads keeps anywhere from 3-5 days on their way to turning more solid. We always recommend storing the bread in the bag it came in, with the cut side facing down (inside the bag, on your kitchen counter/table). This will keep the moisture inside the bread as much as possible. See our storing suggestions below.

Once it’s what you consider “stale” we recommend searching for recipes to utilize the bread in this new state: make some great croutons, grate it and enjoy homemade bread crumbs in your meatballs or as a thickening agent in your soups/dips/sauces, or go for classics like french toast and bread pudding! The options are endless and stretch many cuisines and cultures. We invite you to explore a new world of traditions and cooking with stale bread!

The loaf keeps well in the paper bag provided, wrapped and placed on the counter with cut side down, at room temperature for 3-5 days.
Never store bread in plastic bags–you’ll make the crust spongy and it will become moldy more quickly. Bread is better off on the counter for a few days, or straight to the freezer for longer.

For longer storage, wrap tightly with plastic wrap and freeze immediately. To thaw: let sit overnight (keep wrapped) on the counter. You can also cut and freeze halves of bread or slices to thaw more quickly. Freeze for no longer than 90 days.

We’ve had excellent results with baguettes if not eaten the same day re-crisped for 10 minutes at 350F. This also works if frozen (wrapped tightly in plastic).

Our freshly baked pastries are meant to be eaten the same day or next day. You can also freeze/reheat certain baked goods if you’d like to have them in your life a little longer…
It’s important to refrigerate if you choose to keep more than one day and even then should be eaten within 3 days. Everything we make is completely natural with NO preservatives which means NO shelf life.

No, we don’t. We are old school and specialize in long fermented bread and pastries made with heirloom grains and we make everything with whole, high quality ingredients.

For anyone with serious allergies or diseases such as celiac we suggest avoiding our foods entirely.

We believe in the wonders of wheat and wild fermenting it. We have a big appreciation for the naturally occurring miracle protein that is gluten making our loaves bubbly and delicious. We encourage folks to explore the beauty of wheat and consider the possibility of eating it under these circumstances.

Given the fact that gluten-free requires a facility and tools with no cross-contact with wheat, we cannot say anything we make is gluten-free (even if a particular item is not made with wheat) since there is no way to avoid it.

We use a variety of nuts at our bakery (almonds, walnuts, etc). Therefore, we can’t guarantee there isn’t any cross contact.

We note when products contain allergens such as nuts, sesame, etc but if you have severe allergies, it’s probably best to avoid our products.

Other Info

We don’t have any workshops or classes scheduled at the moment. Stay tuned to our social media channels or our newsletter for updates as soon as we share news on upcoming opportunities to learn to bake your own masa madre bread at home!

Currently we are at capacity and are not accepting new wholesale accounts.

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