Frequently Asked Questions

Cottage bakery is officially closed! New bakery on 4th Street to open mid-August 2020! Currently we’re not participating in farmers markets.

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Bread Info

Yep, our breads are naturally leavened (aka sourdough) with no commercial yeast. The only exception are some specialty breads and pastries that are offered from time to time (rest assured that I’ll always note it in in the ingredients list).

Sourdough in this case refers more to the fermentation process than the actual flavor of the bread. Our California loaf has a deep, nutty, balanced flavor profile with only a hint of sourness. The bread goes well with sweet or savory flavors: enjoy a toast with jam or preserves, alongside your soup, or as your sandwich bread.
We hope you try our bread and decide for yourself!

Yes! We strive to use only organic ingredients in our entire operation.

Ingredients are always listed in the item’s description on the order page and our labels for full transparency.

All good breads must stale. A naturally leavened bread keeps anywhere from 4-6 days on its way to turning more solid. We always recommend storing the bread in the bag it came in, with the cut side facing down (inside the bag, on your kitchen counter/table). This will keep the moisture inside the bread as much as possible.

Once it’s what you consider “stale” we recommend searching for recipes to utilize the bread in this new state: make some great croutons (click here for inspiration + a great recipe), grate it and enjoy homemade bread crumbs in your meatballs or as a thickening agent in your soups/dips/sauces/mezze, or go for classics like french toast and bread pudding! The options are endless and stretch many cuisines and cultures. We invite you to explore a new world of traditions and cooking with stale bread!

The loaf keeps okay in the paper bag provided (or our natural cotton bread bags), on the counter, and with cut side down. 

You can also transfer the loaf to a more airtight container (such a plastic bag) for longer keeping and a softer crust – just be careful about condensation and look out for mold!

Many customers tell us they get great results by freezing the bread – If a full loaf is too much to go through fresh, you can slice it in half and freeze one part or pre-slice/portion and then freeze.  Be sure to wrap the bread tightly in plastic before freezing. Defrost or don’t – just warm the bread to bring the crust + crumb back to life. 

We’ve had excellent results with baguettes if not eaten the same day re-crisped for 10 minutes at 350F. This also works if frozen (wrapped tightly in plastic).

The short answer is no (*with the exception of our buckwheat cookies since that grain is technically gluten free but it’s NOT made in a GF facility so there’s that*).
The longer answer is:
All our loaves are leavened using only a naturally occurring wild yeast culture (aka sourdough) — This is worlds apart from bread that you find most places because even some “sourdough” loaves will list (commercial) yeast in the ingredients. The understanding is that the natural fermentation breaks down the wheat to make it edible and nutritious for our bodies, unlike most wheat products on the market that may not even be leavened, let alone naturally leavened.
While we don’t know what this means for someone with a yeast or gluten allergy, we’ve heard that it makes a difference for folks that are simply avoiding gluten. But the best way to know would be research about the history of humans eating wheat, and then, if willing, to try naturally leavened bread and observe how the body feels.
We’re focused on traditional breads made with organic and often heirloom/heritage grain. Plus, all of our current recipes rely on naturally occurring gluten found in these grains to have a wonderful rise, chew, and texture.
Our freshly baked pastries are meant to be eaten the same day or next day.
It’s important to refrigerate if you choose to keep more than one day and even then should be eaten within 3 days. Everything we make is completely natural with NO preservatives which means NO shelf life.

Order Info

Every Sunday we open our doors (928 Chestnut Ave.) at 10am. Come and select from what’s available. We also highly encourage pre-orders for pick-up from our menu here.

We’re also at the Tuesday Bixby Park Farmers Market and the Wednesdays Local Harvest Farmers Market (3-7pm) here in Long Beach, CA (see addresses + maps on the sidebar of this page). We highly encourage pre-orders (either for delivery or pickup at the Wednesday market) directly through our ORDER page

Please do sign up for our mailing list (scroll to bottom of this page) to get updates of special events, pop ups and other local happenings. 

Throughout the week we are also baking loaves for some of our favorite local cafes and restaurants!
Click here to view a list of the local gems serving our CA loaf.

Short answer is NO, however – we never know what may sell out at any given day or time, so pre-ordering is a way for you to ensure you get what you want! Check out our current offerings here. 

You can place an order for pick up (please see terms) or local Wednesday delivery here on our website. Delivery is an extra $5/order.

We bake on Sundays + Tuesdays* + Wednesdays and pre-orders are due two days before the bake (Fri night for Sundays, Mon night for Wednesdays).

You will get an email and/or phone notification the day your order is ready so that you can pick up between 10am-12pm (Sunday, 928 Chestnut Ave, LB) OR 3-7pm (Wednesday, Marine Stadium Farmers Market) or if you opted for delivery you can expect it between 1:30pm – 4:30pm on Wednesdays.

*No pre-orders taken for Tuesdays.

For pick up, you have the option of selecting Sunday or Wednesday.

Sunday pick ups are ready between 10am-2pm at 928 Chestnut Ave. Wednesday pick ups are ready between 3pm-7pm at the Marine Stadium Farmers Market – (see map at bottom of order page).

We deliver on Wednesdays to provided address between 12:30pm-3:30pm. Please note any special requests or notices for delivery such as on door, back gate, gate code, etc.

Any orders not picked up within the day and time window noted will be donated to someone in need in the community. A 24hr notice is required for orders that cannot be picked up on bake day.

We require a 24hr notice for orders that can’t be picked up as planned on the bake day. If your order isn’t picked up during the allotted time frame, it’ll be donated to someone in the community in need. Please select the delivery option upon ordering if you’re unsure about your ability to pick up.

I’m happy to deliver to any address within the limits of the City of Long Beach, CA. If you’re in a neighboring city, I would encourage you to place an order for pick-up.

Unfortunately, our health permit does not allow us to ship our goods at this time.

We make each item to order and food is perishable. For this reason all sales are final.

We cannot offer refunds for orders cancelled less than 24 hours before bake day.

Other Info

Yes, we are happy to work with you on a special designed bread for you’re event! Contact us to so we can discuss what you’re interested in and how we can make it happen.

Yes, we offer our CA loaf for wholesale.  Reach out via our contact form and and we’ll set a time to meet + discuss your needs.

Other items might be available for wholesale so get in touch and we’ll go from there!

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